Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010- Well I am STILL here and so are YOU!

I have not been here for a while because facebook tried to consume me.
I believe that I am coming back to start blogging and produce absolute
delicacies! I can't wait for you to SEE these beautiful NEW creations!
I am coming out of retirement to make to start one more round!
I promise your mouth will be watering just looking at the brilliant pictures
that I will post. Step-by-step you can watch me and follow along! I will
even share my most prized recipes with you! Your parties can be top
notch and something to be talked about for years! People absolutely
love my desserts and BEG for more! I hope to leave you begging for
much more too! And always remember we are JUST DESSERTS because

Halloween will bring great treats & tips! Thanksgiving will be SUPER special!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today I went a searching.  Searching for friends and followers alike.  I am so excited about doing this- too, Deborah!  There are sooo many beautiful blogs to look at and the ones I decided to "follow"- Well, I just LOVED them!  Creativity & Passion are evident in EVERY single one I read!  I just found out about Etsy!!!  How thrilling to see that MY, YES!!! MY confections and creations can be SOLD online, right here, just a click away!!!  I am just STOKED!  
Catering!!! Weddings!!! You name it, I can do it!!!  I am  going to call tomorrow and see if I can get my food handling license and find out about packaging and refrigerated delivery.  Strawberry Lemon Mousse- Chocolate Cherry Mouse- Orange Pineapple Mouse, MUST I SAY MORE???

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving Slowly Through Ghiradelli Heaven

SO, Welcome back!  If I do say to myself!  I have been moving slowly through Ghiradelli heaven hoping to fall into the rivers of chocolate as if in a Willy Wonka movie.  It seems as of late that I found my glass elevator. Hopefully I can fulfill my dreams that I have been chasing for far too long. My creations as of late have been seasoned with a little reluctance and alot of hope. Let me see if I can share some of these with you.  Hopefully God will send me my own personal oompa loompa so that I will have the assistance that I need for the near future.  Thanks to Deborah at The Painted Nest for all of her support and most importantly her FRIENDSHIP.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Strawberry Crossiants

So I have recently created a new batch of these lovley desserts!  Everyone who has tried them, just loves them.  Except lil April... but that's okay, we can't win em' all!  I am going to work diligently to find April her Just Dessert!  I can't wait to experiment, yummers, yay!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

ANOTHER POISON of the 2morrow


Oh, God!

or could it be 39...


Is it true that I will wake up with silver hair and arthritis?


Cake anyone?

Poison of the day!

So, todays poison was peanut butter cookies! These are my special recipe. The only thing missing is a little Hershey's kiss on top. Mm Ummmm! So, while I was plundering a box of things from my Florida move, today, I came across this picture of my cookies. I wondered what happened to that photo. Not to mention the recipe. The cookies that everyone had over the holidaze were none other than your average internet recipe with a little bit o' love from me. A little of this and a dash of that, and... VIOLA'! We have a hundred dozen Christmas cookies and no MILK!!! Well, no worry, folks, after a quick trip to my local grocer and 25 stops later... NO MORE COOKIES! Yet, I still found time to grab my MILK! I love to see you all light up when you can't help but indulge, in rich, buttery, goodness!!! Choices, Choices... Will it be the Chocolate Chunkies? The Peanutbutter Bites? How about Oatmeal Orgasms? (Come on, please, don't be offended, that's just what they are!)... and if that doesn't work, we can make some peppermint pops! Eeewww Weee!!! YUM!!!

The gift bags that I found this past season were quite nice also. For those of us in the south, we can only dream of ice skating on a beautiful pond in such a lovely land! The children holding hands, people, everywhere, smiling... wishing all of the World's problems and day's stresses AWAY... if only for a short time. But we can all imagine being in such a place... and CELEBRATE LIFE!!!
Thank you for accepting what I gave you and I look forward to FILLING YOUR BELLIES FULL! (Of course, I take out all of the bad stuff)

Crystal Pie
I love you 4 loving me... even if you know me not.


Monday, January 12, 2009